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Discover Exactly how you can start a profitable website design and hosting business of  your own !
Dear friend,

I’m sorry! I couldn’t show you how to make =N=1,000,000 in 24 hours! But, I can show you how to start a profitable website design and hosting business of your own, and make a living on the Internet.

I have been doing it since the year 2002 and I want to take you by hand and show you exactly what I have done so that you can do it too and be smiling to your bank.

Honestly speaking, if you are thinking of starting a business of your own, this is a “must attend” training that will show you practical ways of making money on the Internet. A fully interactive training. This means that you will be learning some of the skills, terminology and the tools necessary to get you started. I will teach you the different aspect of professional website design and hosting, business, such as:

How to design and hosting professional websites using Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash, Swish, Photoshop etc.
How to create and work with templates
How to integrate JavaScript and behaviors into websites
How to create animation, web graphics buttons and logos
How to create and process form with Flash, ASP & PHP script etc.
How to create product of your own and sell on your website or with your email address and be making good money
How to promote, advertise and make money through the Internet.

For whom:
Website designers, marketers, managers in IT driven firm, Banks, Oil companies, student and neophytes who want to acquire professional skills.

Abdulfattah K. Mahmud
Managing Director, Mid-Way Tech. Limited
Our Services
High quality services and customer satisfaction both in the industries and public sectors are essentials to our company's mission. Therefore, we provide various services to them in these areas:

  • Computer and IT Training
  • Software Development
  • Web Designing
  • Computer Engineering ( Troubleshooting & Repairs)
  • Networking and Internet Connectivity
  • Telecommunication
  • Computer Sales and Supply
  • Graphic Design
  • Publishing and Printing

Mid-Way Technology Limited is running Computer Engineering and maintenance programs on weekends for those who are very busy in their businesses or various places of work. Our Computer Engineering course is extraodinary as in, having competent, certified and practising Engineers taking courses in their specialised area. Our lectures are practicals and we follow a principle " HEAR IT. SEE IT, DO IT ". Midway Computer Engineering Lab is uncompareable to all other places you ' ve been visiting, and more so we promise POSSIBILITIES. At  Midway, we also give all our Computer Engineering students FREE PRACTICAL NETWORKING TRAINING